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It’s Time to Hold Our Senators Accountable

Sign On to Our Statement

More than 50 Senators have refused to represent more than 90% of their constituents!

We call on all senators to fulfill their constitutional and democratic responsibility to represent their constituents.

We find it indefensible, and inexcusable for any senator to vote in opposition to 90% of their constituents on any issue.

We call on all individuals, public officials, media, and influencers to vocally and persistently call individual Senators to account – regardless of party or politics – until they agree to do their job, and consistently vote in alignment with their constituents on any issue that is favored by at least 3 out of 4 of the people they represent.

Action for Gun Safety
is inspired by and dedicated to the
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
students and families in Parkland, Florida.

A student leaves a flower for her dead friend in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Action for Gun Safety, who lives 20 miles from Parkland.

Working Together

In order to achieve gun safety in the face of historically fierce challenges, we must scale up our solutions to overcome the entrenched political and economic forces that oppose us.

Only by working together – organizing, strategizing, and taking coordinated, collective actions – can we:

  • force our representatives to respect the overwhelming public support for new sensible gun safety legislation
  • enforce existing gun safety laws
  • pressure businesses and banks to adopt gun safety business policies
  • create a new gun industry paradigm that values and advocates for gun safety

Commitment to Results

Action for Gun Safety – this website along with the associated work being done behind the scenes – has been created by Uniting for Action to facilitate the scope of the coordination, cooperation, and collaboration required to achieve the results we seek.

Opportunities for Action

Hundreds of thousands of people Marched for Our Lives across the country.  Hundreds of thousands of students walked out of their classes across the country.

Even though most of those people would be willing to take further action, the vast majority of them have been relatively idle since those organized efforts because we, as a society, haven’t provided the plans and systems to organize and coordinate their actions in ways that create tangible results.

Action for Gun Safety has been created to effectively marshal and organize all the resources we have to effectively address Gun Safety.

Parkland student survivors fill the bleachers behind the stage at the March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Action for Gun Safety.

Organizing National Gun Safety Efforts

We’re using this website to provide a public face for our behind-the-scenes efforts.  Here we’ve provided you with an easy-to-reference summary of leading national gun safety organizations, along with their primary campaigns and calls to action.

Behind the scenes, we’re working with gun safety organizations and leaders to:

  • Map the entire gun safety landscape of organizations and efforts
  • Develop a comprehensive national strategy
  • Have organizations focus on specific roles to optimize our efforts
  • Use our collective efforts and strategies to create additional funding
  • Create a series of large-scale national gun safety campaigns
  • Weave together strategic alliances that strengthen all efforts
  • Create compelling websites, videos, and social media content
  • Develop and implement a national media strategy
  • Utilize advanced technologies to expand our efforts
  • Create clear opportunities for anyone anywhere to make valuable contributions to our collective effort

On our Strategies page, we’ve pulled back the curtains to reveal our strategic roadmap, along with a series of national campaigns.

If you’d like to support our efforts with your time, talents, connections, or finances, please do so through our Contribute page.

#VoteBloodMoneyOut / #VoteGunSafetyIn

Action for Gun Safety’s first large-scale national campaign is #VoteBloodMoneyOut / #VoteGunSafetyIn

#VoteBloodMoneyOut / #VoteGunSafetyIn is a social media campaign designed to raise voter awareness and education about where the candidates they are considering voting for stand on gun safety issues.

In addition to providing a centralized resource of the 450+ candidates that are endorsed by one or more of the national gun safety organizations, this website provides extensive sharing tools that allow everyone to make an impact far beyond their single vote.

Extensive Sharing Tools

By sharing the Candidates, Memes, and Videos on the website, everyone can help their family, friends, and neighbors align their votes with what’s important to them.

Enough is Enough!

It’s time for us to be responsible for who’s representing us, and

#VoteBloodMoneyOut / #VoteGunSafetyIn

The March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Action for Gun Safety.


There's No Tomorrow -
Take Action Now

There won't be a tomorrow for the 96 people that will die from gun violence in America today.

As the students say... Thoughts and prayers are nice, but they’re not enough.  We need Action.


What You Say You Want

Do you want gun safety?  You know you don't get something for nothing - especially in the face of such fierce opposition to our efforts.

Please generously offer your time, talents, connections, or finances to our collective effort.  Together, we have all the resources we need if everyone contributes.

What are you willing to Contribute to achieve what you say you want?

A student leaves a flower for her dead friend in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Action for Gun Safety.