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Spotlight on Action

This section of the website shines a spotlight on the action that is making a difference on a local, state, and national level, featuring the individuals and organizations who are leading the way.

Speaking out for gun safety.  Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

Holding Representatives Accountable

Too many representatives are perpetuating the cycle of obstructing gun safety laws, which increases the profits of gun manufacturers, in turn expanding the gun lobby, which deepens its support of those legislators, further entrenching those legislators in this vicious and vile blood money cycle.

It’s time for us to take massive, coordinated, collective actions, to hold our elected officials accountable to accurately represent us – the people they were elected to represent.

An Online Call to Action

We’re carrying the energy and momentum from the marches and the walkouts into a viral social media and traditional media campaign.

This is an opportunity for the gun safety advocates and activists to take proactive, collective action for gun safety that creates tangible and lasting results right now.

By sharing the Candidates, Memes, and Videos on the website, everyone can help their family, friends, and neighbors align their votes with what’s important to them.

Enough is Enough!

It’s time for us to be responsible for who’s representing us, and

#VoteBloodMoneyOut / #VoteGunSafetyIn

Speaking out for gun safety.  Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

In the summer of 2018, the students of March For Our Lives made stops across America to get young people educated, registered, and motivated to vote.

Action for Gun Safety was there to capture their Road to Change stop near their hometown in Fort Lauderdale where they recalled how their #NeverAgain movement was born in that very location just four months earlier.


Town Hall for Our Lives

Students from Cypress Bay High School, friends and neighbors to Parkland students, organized a “Town Hall for Our Lives” in nearby Pembroke Pines, Florida.

U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz hosted the event which featured a panel of students, victims of gun violence, and public officials.

Town Hall for Our Lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida on April 7, 2018. Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

There's No Tomorrow -
Take Action Now

There won't be a tomorrow for the 96 people that will die from gun violence in America today.

As the students say... Thoughts and prayers are nice, but they’re not enough.  We need Action.

What You Say You Want

Do you want gun safety?  You know you don't get something for nothing - especially in the face of such fierce opposition to our efforts.

Please generously offer your time, talents, connections, or finances to our collective effort.  Together, we have all the resources we need if everyone contributes.

What are you willing to Contribute to achieve what you say you want?

A student leaves a flower for her dead friend in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Action for Gun Safety.